With a degree in clothing & design from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb,

Jasmina Kosanović held several independent fashion shows.

She has always been drawn to textile and itscombinations with different materials,

especially those coming from the nature. Her creative

work led her to the love for theater where she worked as a costume designer on numerous

theater plays and participated in designing scenography. She actively organized and ran a large

number of creative art workshops for children and adults trying to bring the magic of art into

their world.

Being a dreamer with feet firmly on the ground, Jasmina invests all the effort, hard work and

learning into everything she creates… and she has no plans to stop.

Like a book with a thousand tempting pages…a novel of passion and integrity, vulnerable and sincere…a storybook of colorful dreams…Jasmina’s dolls tell stories of lyric memories of childhood. She sets them into the world to spread the magic of starlit skies and dreaming clouds, nostalgia of raindrops and innocence of summer breeze. She is an artist with so many wonders up her sleeve, in love with old fashioned stories, myths and legends, miracles of nature
and unconditional good…

How did it all begin?
Graduating clothing and textile design, in her final theses, Jasmina tried to reveal the symbolism of clothes in myths, fairytales and legends. Leading the art workshops afterwards, in one fateful
moment, she created a wooden angel which put a spell on her career path and simply enchanted her first clients…And that’s how it all begun.
The story is still unfolding…as there are no boundaries to what her imagination can inspire and her hands can create.

What inspires her?
Sometimes, it’s a starlit sky, a scent of a wood, whisper of a tree or a glittering sparkle…and the magic appears.
Sometimes she runs into a fabric long forgotten in her closet or falls in love with how a material feels under her fingertips…and the magic appears.
Sometimes it is a gesture, surprise from the nature, a loving glance…and the magic appears.
Just like a life in a constant motion around her, she brings a new dream to life every day.

Who likes her dolls the most?
Each doll has a soul, its diverse character, a life of its own formed by the artist’s colorful thoughts…that’s where the beauty lies. And that’s what makes them ageless and timeless.

They surprise the aesthetes, enchant the romantics, melt the mothers’ hearts and awaken the imagination of kids. They soften the fathers and bring closer the couples in love. They are appreciated by the interior decorators and capture the thoughts of the theater lovers. They youthen the grandparents and fulfill the dreamers…
They seem to be hard to resist.

Where does she create?
In the very heart of Zagreb, you can hear a sewing machine buzz day and night in Jasmina’s fantasy studio. She is unwearyingly creating.
To show her creations in true light and give them a world of their own, she opened a fairytale store close by. When you enter its magical world, you find a lyrical melancholy and utter happiness inside it. You feel the natural life energy interlaced in a whirlpool of colors and patterns, vintage styles and contemporary fashion trends, romantic costumes and alluring images which irresistibly draw attention.
You’ll meet fairies with angel wings and seductive glance, cheeky sirens and charming creatures from the wood, loveable dreamers and marine sea lovers…playing together games of growing up. Fragile and luxury, proud in their uniqueness and distinction, unspoiled and sincere, helping us remember of how things used to be and how wonderful nature is.